In our other business, MyGeek Technologies, we love to work with nonprofit organizations. Nonprofits contribute so much to our society through their various missions and their volunteerism and we admire them for it. We’re even involved in several local nonprofits in our community because we feel that passionate about their missions.

We’re assuming, because you’re reading this, that you are some how involved in a nonprofit as well. Maybe you’re the executive director, maybe you’re the person the nonprofit hired to develop or update the site, either way you have an important decision to make about the ongoing security and protection of the website you’re working on. Once you’ve put your site out on the Internet, if not properly managed by yourself or your developer, eventually the site will become outdated and potentially open to attack through various plugins.

The problem with most of the security plugins in the WordPress market: they are reactive. They help you abide by some commonly accepted security practices and monitor some activities on your site. But, and there is always a but, they don’t really take an ACTIVE role in your sites protection. Once they make those changes, nothing is done on a regular basis to protect the site. Now, we’re not knocking these plugins at all, they serve a very useful function but don’t be fooled by their claims of security when they don’t actively help protect your site.

Some of these same plugins do offer a premium service that does give active protection but they do so at a premium. And we understand that business model, some of those companies have investors and need to see return on their investment. We aren’t knocking that either, we just take a different approach. We believe that all WordPress sites should benefit from active protection and not just some snake oil. Out of the box, tinyShield offers a free plan (only registration is needed) to help protect your site as long as you want to use the plugin. Our professional plan, which gives you more options like geoip filtering, geoip locations, and access to our premium blacklists are free for nonprofit use for one site. Submit a request for donation and we’ll grant your site a free subscription. Also, we’d love to hear your nonprofits story, we’ve included a box on the donation request form if you’d like to be contacted by us for a feature article on your nonprofit and how WordPress has helped your organization.

Lastly, thank you for everything you do for your community, you really do make a difference.

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