Well this is it. Version 1.0.0, well now it’s 1.0.1 but still, we’ve reached the first stable release of tinyShield. What started as an idea back in 2018, has been maturing over the past three years and is now at the first official stable release. In a saturated market (WordPress Security Plugins) I’m excited to see so many people already adopting tinyShield and I hope that our goal is coming to fruition. There are a couple of big changes with the 1.0.0/1.0.1 releases so please read below.

Also, as an important note to developers, I’d highly encourage you to only activate tinyShield on staging or live sites. Development sites that our endpoints can’t reach will not allow you to test effectively. You can install the plugin on development sites but just don’t activate them.

  • Plugin Changelog: tinyShield for WordPress changelog
    • Most importantly to note besides the account management listed under Website below is the addition of Search Engine crawler detection has been moved almost completely in plugin. Before we relied on the backend detection of crawlers which could lead to at least a brief period where a crawler could potentially be blocked and later verified. By adding this functionality to the plugin, tinyShield can now verify directly and skip any potential blocks for the worlds largest search engines.
  • ┬áBackend
    • All legacy licenses have been migrated to the new licensing platform and can now be managed under the tinyShield account.
  • Website
    • Implemented account and key management management which can be located here – tinyShield Account
      • Even with community accounts, you must manage all keys from your account. When you active a site from the settings page for the first time, an account is automatically created for you. If you decide to purchase a premium access subscription, you will do so using the key that is generated during the first activation. But to make things easier, you have upgrade options on the settings page in the form of three buttons.
      • Upgrade paths have now been re-enabled for all users to upgrade to our premium access.