It’s been a minute since I’ve had time to sit down and write a blog post out but know that development has continued on the backend and on the plugin! It’s getting closer and closer to the full fledged 1.0.0 release and I’ve noticed a huge uptick in people using tinyShield with little to no promotion on my part. Thank you all for using tinyShield.

  • Plugin Changelog: tinyShield for WordPress changelog
  • ┬áBackend
    • Implemented a new third party provider to help cut down on Spam.
    • I’ve also changed my GeoIP provider to one that provides me with more information than our previous and as a result, it allows tinyShield to make some assumptions about where traffic originates. See the next item.
    • When analyzing traffic to a site, it’s difficult at times to determine what would be considered legit and not. However, with the new GeoIP provider we are now accurately determine if traffic is coming from a hosting provider like Digital Ocean, OVH, and thousands of others throughout the world. If we’ve determined that traffic is coming from a hosting provider AND it has a website that is publicly available it is fairly safe to assume that this is a compromised website. Since we can make that conclusion, we now block this traffic by default. There could be some false positives here and we’ll monitor for them but it’s safe to say that this would not be a normal case. If you do find something that is a false positive, please report it and add the IP to your allow list.
    • Changed the way the backend stores our databases. Making this change has allowed the server to handle WAY more traffic than before.
    • Reworked the caching mechanism for license key authentication which will also allow for more traffic.
    • Reworked the licenses backend to utilize the awesome Easy Digital Downloads plugin. All sales, renewals, license management will now be done through this website’s “My Account” page.
  • Website
    • Implementation of Easy Digital Downloads is complete (albeit it took longer than expected) but the API is wonderful to work with. Kudos to EDD team for such a great plugin.

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