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devlog 05-29-21

Version 1.1.0 is hot off the presses. Another milestone with tinyShield, support for modules is now builtin. The first official module is Cloudflare integration with plans of more to come. Plugin Changelog: tinyShield for WordPress changelog  Backend Additional fixes and verifications added GeoIP Information will no longer be available to Community (Free) subscriptions Website Implemented

devlog 05-12-21

Well this is it. Version 1.0.0, well now it’s 1.0.1 but still, we’ve reached the first stable release of tinyShield. What started as an idea back in 2018, has been maturing over the past three years and is now at the first official stable release. In a saturated market (WordPress Security Plugins) I’m excited to

devlog 04-18-21

It’s been a minute since I’ve had time to sit down and write a blog post out but know that development has continued on the backend and on the plugin! It’s getting closer and closer to the full fledged 1.0.0 release and I’ve noticed a huge uptick in people using tinyShield with little to no

devlog 11-10-20

For simplicity and transparency, I’ve decided to start blogging about the development updates for tinyShield. I have a changelog for the plugin itself but I’ve been including some of the backend updates in that changelog. I felt that it’s better to put both plugin and backend updates in blog posts going forward. To start this